Privacy Shields and Noise Protection Fences

Our privacy- and noise-protection solutions combine functionality with design. Thanks to the modular structure, various decorative inserts and flexible corner configurations with or without noise protection, the fences can be adapted to your personal requirements.

WPC Privacy shields and noise protection fences overview

flexible insulation

Flexible creates favourite places where you can relax completely. This means not only that noone can pry on you, but also that you can enjoy acoustical tranquillity. Annoying ambient noise is demonstrably reduced by 26 dB.

low-cost effectiveness

Effective privacy shield brings an inexpensive variant into our assortment and offers a large design variety. Due to the modular construction, heights and widths are freely selectable. This means you are protected from onlookers.

Universal Slat
for various purposes

Universal Slat was specially developed for various applications. It can be combined with our posts or used as a gabion wall.