Liepen Estate

The Liepen Estate is embedded within the idyllic Peene valley, between cool pine forests, sparkling lakes, and rustling reeds. The traditional turn of the century building houses a four-star hotel with an impressive spa area: 1,800 square metres invite guests to swim, sauna and leave their cares behind. Underfoot visitors can experience the warm wooden feel of decks by Naturinform.

Patio decks
Popular in grey and sun yellow

Construction year
Summer 2015

Type of construction

AHM Architekten Gutenbergstraße 4, 10587 Berlin

Spa-pool area „Am Peenetal”, 17391 Liepen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Those relaxing on deck chairs in the sauna garden after a time-out in the herbal sauna’s pine needle aura, need only let their eyes wander to find themselves in paradise. Surrounded by the estate’s gnarled willows, birds sing, and storks can be heard. The transition from the bathing area to the green environment of the hotel’s own private park is hardly noticeable: Elegant decks in subtle silver grey frame the view to the distance. Besides a hotel patio and two sauna cabins there are around 800 square metres of sunning decks and connecting paths made of Naturinform decks between the brine and a fun pool.

‚Our guests often ask about these decks,‘ says hotel manager Stefan Wollert. ‘The material looks very special, its white-silver colour and the structured surface really seem to impress people’. Whoever spends their holiday here is looking to spend time in an untouched environment. It is only around one thousand steps from the hotel down into the Peene valley. The river’s surroundings are ideal to lose yourself between the glittering water cascades and endless reeds. By car it is a mere 30 minutes to the Baltic island Usedom. But you should drive carefully. The paths are frequently crossed by almost extinct species, such as beavers and otters.

Hotel pool with a spa area

The Liepen Estate is also a relic of olden days: Built around the turn of the century for a Prussian squire, the elegant white building with its hipped roof became more and more dilapidated during the German Democratic Republic’s era. In 1994 it was transformed into a hotel for the first time. During the second renovation period from 2011 more four star category rooms were created – and the pool section with four swimming pools, spa treatment rooms, a gym, and a large sauna area.

Safety first

Not only the 82 hotel guests, but also guests from outside can relax here. The proprietors, the Gutshof Liepen GmbH, were concerned with the safety aspect when they looked at flooring options. ‘So close to the sea, the climate is humid,’ says Wollert, ‘Normal wooden decks very quickly develop a green surface – which is dangerously slippery for our guests’.

That cannot happen with Naturinform’s decks: When tested by the TÜV Rheinland on slip resistance, Naturinform’s ‘popular’ decks used here achieved C3 according to DIN 51097 – the highest degree of slip resistance. According to DIN 51130, the decks’ slip resistance is R 12 with the surface ‘finely striated’, the surface ‘widely striated’ even achieved R 13, that is the highest level. The decks therefore are extremely slip resistant and even suitable for public swimming baths.

Low on maintenance

At Naturinform wood is combined with an environmentally-friendly, high quality polymer. This leads to yet another advantage of the wooden composite material, which is very important, especially in industrially used large surfaces such as at the hotel ‘Am Peenetal’: Naturinform decks are weatherproof without oiling or varnishing. Common problems, such as dimensional stability, or tears due to weathering which are the case with untreated wood after a few years, do not exist. Wollert: ‘We clean the decks regularly with an electric water brush, that’s sufficient’.

For a green conscience

Despite its plastic composites the surfaces feel and look like real wood, they consist to 70 % of natural wooden fibres, a by-product of wood processing. Barefoot you can feel warm wood under your feet. Your conscience can feel good, too: Naturinform products are produced sustainably. No tree need be cut down, only wood chippings from sawmills are used, and those only from PEFC-certified wood from ecologically farmed forests.

At the Hotel ‚Am Peenetal‘, environmental protection is a big point: Situated directly next to the protected Peene valley’s natural park, the proprietors find ecological practice very important. ‘The sustainability concept was an important reason to choose Naturinform,’ says Wollert.

In contrast to natural wood, Naturinform decks need no environmentally harming chemicals to maintain them. Even during production no fungicides or pesticides are used. Additionally, the patio decks can be recycled 100 percent and can be handed back to the production plant in Redwitz in Bavaria to be recycled.

Strong and versatlie – even vertically

Naturinform’s ‘Popular’ was chosen: With a thickness of 27 millimetres it is especially suited for industrial use and has an extremely large range of colours. To match the architecture, the choice of colour grey was made in Liepen. As a suitable frame for the extensive park’s natural environment with its ancient trees, the decks spread out in Liepen not only in front of the guests’ feet, but also grow upwards: Using metal profiles they were used in grey, and as a highlight in the special edition colour sun yellow, and were fixed as a cover on the concrete walls of both outdoor saunas. Together with the patio surface the sauna huts blend in nicely with the steel/glass/concrete construction of the spa area’s buildings.

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