Coppa Brazil Rosenheim

Anyone wanting to eat a really good steak is drawn to Rosenheim’s Coppa Brazil. The restaurant in the old town counts on sophisticated ingredients. In the summertime, guests sit in the chestnut covered courtyard. But rather than sitting uncomfortably and wobbly on historic cobblestones, you can enjoy Rosenheim’s evening flair on a patio with Naturinform’s decks.

Patio decks
RATIONAL select in titanium grey

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Summer patio

Coppa Brazil, Restaurant&Bar, Adlzreiterstraße 11, 83022 Rosenheim

It is quite difficult for new guests to pronounce the special dish: Wagyu, that is the name of the special meat that is served here as steak. The most expensive beef in the world – from animals that were fed by nothing else but organic wheat, according to the Japanese tradition. We lay a strong focus on high-quality ingredients,’ says restaurateur Albert Kuipers. ‚The particularity singular to the meat is noticeable on the plate. You can taste quality.’

The chestnut courtyard behind the building, originally a traditional Bavarian beergarden, enhances the culinary joys a little bit more intensively in the summertime. Unfortunately the ground, a surface of cobblestone, was very uneven and therefore fairly uncomfortable to sit on. ‚We were looking for something that suits our restaurant: modern, conscious of nature, and exquisite,’ says Mr Kuipers. ‚And Naturinform’s offer was the perfect match.’

The deckmaker from Franconian Redwitz is especially concerned about sustainable products and manufacturing. Additionally, their products are extremely high quality: The have been awarded the highest slip resistance class and have an elegant surface. Technically, the material is a so-called wood composite. Wooden fibres are embedded in a matrix of polymer. The finished deck’s wood percentage is at 70 percent. This way, the wood retains its optical features – the elegant patina, storing of warmth from the sun – but at the same time, it is weatherproof and low on maintenance.

Surfaces covered in wood composite material are always level and non-slippery, even in very damp areas. This is because the material does not absorb rain water. Especially in restaurants, it is really annoying if the wooden surfaces become bumpy, tear or splinter, because that means they are very dangerous to walk on, for both guests and staff. And, additionally,: A summer patio made of wood becomes slippery when it has been raining heavily. Naturinform decks remain non-slippery, even in rainy weather – when tested by the TÜV Rheinland 2015 RATIONAL select was awarded the high slip resistance class R11 and R13 (according to DIN 51130). Thanks to the intelligent design, it is sufficient to wash off the surfaces with water to clean them. The material is water resistant and therefore also resistant to verdigris. It is already coloured during production, so doesn’t require varnishing after the winter. ‚We can just open the patio in the spring, as soon as the weather allows,‘ says Kuipers, ‚without having to take any time to prepare the decks after the winter.‘

Modern patio surface on historic cobblestone

The restaurateur was also keen to keep an eye on the look. Naturinform offers decks that look like naturally grown wood, despite technical changes. The surface is individually stamped with an appropriate grain. Additionally, Kuipers wanted the 12 metre wide courtyard surface to be covered by decks in one piece, generously, without annoying connection gaps. The advantage: At Naturinform, decks can be delivered according to the customers‘ wishes, in special lengths up to 13 metres. Kuipers decided on Naturinform’s ‚Rational‘. This deck is available not only in extra long, it is also extra wide: Its extraordinary width of 24.4 centimetres creates an elegant, homogenous surface look that really fits into the generously given areas of restaurants, or spa areas, for example in hotels.

Easy to process, even with intricate details

The trend colour titanium grey creates a unity in colour, stretching from the long, wide metal stairs that lead down from the restaurant into the courtyard, to the trunks of the chestnut trees that create the summer patio’s green roof. They are embedded in the deck surface in such a way, as if their wood had naturally grown around them: A larger square gap was precisely tailored to fit the trunk shape with mobile deck pieces. This means that the trunks are perfectly integrated in the patio surface and will have room in the future to grow further. The wood material composite by Naturinform makes such individual solutions possible with very little technical effort necessary, as the material can easily be cut into shape precisely and absolutely evenly.

Very quick laying reduces laying costs

Our guests are as enthusiatic as I am,‘ says Kuipers laughingly ‘It looks really good‘: In the end he was especially surprised how quickly everything went: Because of the large format, the areas can very quickly be laid – only four boards and the corresponding joints and the hidden bracketing make up one ‚running‘ metre. The additional good look is therefore a noticeable minus for the laying costs – a simple and obvious economic decision aid.

Completely environmentally friendly

Naturinform produces its decks absolutely ecologically. No trees are felled for them. Only wood flour from saw mills is used. This is PEFC certified wood from ecologically farmed forests, tropical wood is not contained. The organic glue component is environmentally friendly polyethylene. Unlike natural wood, Naturinform’s decks do not require environmentally harming chemicals for maintenance, and no fungicides or pesticides are used during production.

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