WPC Patio Deck

Zero-degree decking and 100 percent relaxation. The SMART is particularly easy to care for and therefore particularly durable. Due to a slight curvature, water can flow off automatically and the decking can be laid without a slope. The surface supports this effect and so prevents water from accumulating on the terrace due to weather conditions or cleaning. Thanks to the stone embossing on its surface, the zero-degree decking, like all our decking, is non-slip and barefootfriendly. Despite its low weight, the SMART has the advantages of a classic solid decking and thus ensures high stability.

Special Features

  • Particularly low-maintenance
  • No patio slope necessary
  • Automatic water drainage thanks to curvature
  • Effective deck thickness of only 19 mm
  • Can be used for low installation heights
  • Non-slip, sure-footed and barefoot friendly
Prüflogo zur Rutschhemmung "Die Smarte" geprägt 2017

Colour Variants
of the WPC patio deck

Available in the classical colours brown, grey and anthracite and as of 2022 also in terra brown.

Terra brown

Smart is also available as a multi-coloured NATURLINIE edition in oakbrown, amberbrown, chestnutbrown, graphitegrey and basaltgrey.

Amber brown
Chestnut brown
Graphite grey
Basalt grey

Colour and colour maturity in comparison

Due to the high wood content, a natural optical maturation occurs. The surface of the freshly produced product loses the initial gloss and after full weathering, the desired natural matt colour tone emerges.

Special Colours

Smart plank is available in the following colours of the colour EDITION from 50 square metres:

Cream white
Lemon yellow
Sun yellow
Brick red
Moss green
Forest green
Sea blue
Titanium grey

Smart is available in the following colours as a multi-coloured deck from 50 square metres:

Granite grey
Walnut brown

Smart is available in the following colours as a monochrome-coloured deck from 50 square metres:

Stone grey
Lava grey
Black brown

Technical Data
of the massive deck


width ca. 139 mm, height ca. 19 mm


one-sided embossed, unbrushed

Standard lenghts

ca. 3 m / ca. 4 m / ca. 5 m / ca. 6 m

Special lenghts

from ca. 2 m to ca. 13 m at an extra charge


1 square metre consists of ca. 7 metres of patio decks


ca. 2,8 kg/m


For laying one square metre of patio deck you require ca. 7 decks a 1 metre, depending on local conditions ca. 2,5–3 metre base profile and ca. 16 stainless steel brackets with screws (see laying instructions).


We produce your individual requests exactly in the right length. This saves you money because you don’t have to cut your length requirements out of the standard lengths. The ordered length has an oversize of +0 to 3 cm due to the production process.

  • Less offcuts
  • Quicker laying
  • Accessories package suitable for construction sites
  • At least ten pieces of deck per individual length / colour / model
  • Commission reference

On request we will put together the required amount of decks together with the complete accessories.

Complete Set

Use our WPC complete set! We offer you various options for laying, care and lighting for your application. Various substructures, fastenings, supports for height adjustment, decorative connections and borders, as well as ventilation options, offer you great freedom of design.

Care and Cleaning

It’s important for us that you don’t have to invest much time or work concerning our products. That’s why they are particularly easy to care for and weatherproof. In contrast to conventional wooden decks, our decks do not have to be oiled or painted and still do not splinter or crack. Cleaning is very simple using only water. This gives you plenty of time to relax on your favourite spot.

Property References