Patio Decks

It’s your choice! We offer you the widest range of high quality patio decks made of WPC. Let us convince you of the pleasant wooden feel, the excellent properties of the material and the quick, easy installation technique.


natural wood look

Natureline receives an individual, natural multi-coloured wooden grain and a pleasant surface structure thanks to an innovative process.


Resistant co-ex is a very easy-care patio deck. Its completely encased core makes it particularly resistant to weather conditions.

intensive wooden grain

Robust can be laid on both sides and has a noble, wooden appearance, as well as a finely striated and unbrushed surface due to its particularly intense grain.

puristically beautiful

Urban patio deck emphasises modern buildings with its subtlety without shouting for attention. Ideal for quiet modern life-style.

extra narrow joint dimension

Exclusive with its three new shades of grey in a noble natural stone look, is the deck for puristically clean architecture.

Popular massive
with general building inspectorate approval

Popular massive can be laid without restrictions as a load-bearing floor in the outdoor area – and also in public buildings, thanks to general building inspectorate approval.

Popular plus
elegant shine

Popular Plus is a lightweight honeycomb profile deck that impresses with its elegant shine through its unbrushed finish. It can be laid on either side with a finely striated or widely striated side.

Popular select
elegantly corrugated

Popular select offers many design options due to two sides, one with an elegantly corrugated, the other with a finely striated surface. In addition, a large range of colours is available.

Rational select
extra-wide special size

With its special wide format of approx. 244 mm, the Rational select is the perfect deck for large open spaces, such as patios, roof gardens or also yards and swimming pool facilities.

inexpensive massive and honeycomb profile deck

Compact as a massive or honeycomb profile deck joins functionality with a stylish wooden deck look and this in a good price-performance ratio.

Compact plus
finely embossed

Compact plus is a honeycomb profile deck that impresses with its elegantly embossed and stylish multicolour wooden deck look. Choose exclusively developed shades.

particularly low-maintenance

Smart is particularly easy to care for and therefore very durable. Due to a slight curvature, water can flow off automatically and the decks can be laid without a slope.

highly stable and load-bearing

With its height of 38 mm, our Strong decks are extremely load-bearing and versatile, for example as a floor covering for stairs, jetties, arcades or patio.