WPC Patio Deck
Creative exclusive

Our CREATIVE in the new exclusive version is also durable, weatherproof and easy to clean. With its three new grey tones in a noble natural stone look, it is the Facade cladding for puristically clean architecture. The colours range from light dolomite grey to cool basalt grey and warm lava grey. The visual eff ect is further elevated by the refi ned surface embossing. The solid rhombus strip made of our high-quality wood composite material is used as a Facade system for new and existing buildings. In combination with appropriate thermal insulation, the rhombus strip is used as a suspended, rear-ventilated system. This Facade strip can also be installed horizontally and vertically. For a clean finish, shape the corners using mitre cuts or stainless steel corners from the accessories range.

Special Features
of Creative exclusive

  • Noble natural stone look
  • Attractive and economic at the same time
  • Efficiency: easy to clean and extremely low-maintenance
  • Sustainable: in case of removal, material is completely recyclable
  • Flexible: horizontal and also vertical layable
  • Special colours available with extra charge

Colour Variants
of the WPC facade profile

Creative exclusive is available in the colours dolomite grey, basalt grey and lava grey.

Farbbeispiel der Fassade "Die Gestaltende Exklusiv" in Dolomitgrau
Dolomite grey
Farbbeispiel der Fassade "Die Gestaltende Exklusiv" in Basaltgrau
Basalt grey
Farbbeispiel der Fassade "Die Gestaltende Exklusiv" in Lavagrau
Lava grey

Colours and colour maturity in comparison

Our WPC products mature naturally due to their high proportion of wood. Thereby the surface will become less shiny and achieve its desired matt hue.

Special Colours

The Creative exclusive is available in the following colours of the colour EDITION from 30 square metres:

Cream white
Lemon yellow
Sun yellow
Brick red
Moss green
Forest green
Sea blue
Titanium grey

The Creative exclusive is available in the following colours as a multi-coloured plank from 30 square metres:

Granite grey
Oak brown
Amber brown
Walnut brown
Chestnut brown

The Creative exclusive is available in the following colours as a monochrome-coloured plank from 30 square metres:

Stone grey
Black brown

Technical Data
of the facade profile

Total height

small: 70 mm, xl: 103 mm, xxl: 152 mm

Covered width

small: 66 mm, xl: 99 mm, xxl: 148 mm


small: ca. 17 mm, xl: ca. 17 mm, xxl: ca. 17 mm


one-sided embossed, matt

Standard lenghts

ca. 4 m / ca. 6 m (special lenghts at extra charge)


small: 1 square metre consists of ca. 15 metres
xl: 1 square metre consists of ca. 10 metres
xxl: 1 square metre consists of ca. 6.8 metres


small: 1.15 kg/m, xl 1.9 kg/m, xxl 2.8 kg/m

Pictures and Videos


For the installation of one square metre Facade you require:

small: ca. 15 m Rhombus strips and ca. 27 brackets
xl: ca. 10 m Rhombus strips and ca. 18 brackets
xxl: ca. 6.8 m Rhombus strips and ca. 12 brackets

The number of start/end bracket depends on the number of sub-constructions lath.

Corner Joints

For the design of the corners with mitre cuts, the strips are cut strictly according to measure in the angle.
Using our easy-to-mount stainless steel corners you can achieve an optically clean and elegant transition to the strips. This solution means that you can save material, too (ca. 5 cm per strip), as well as have a robust corner option.


We produce your individual requests exactly in the right length. This saves you money because you don’t have to cut your length requirements out of the standard lengths. The ordered length has an oversize of +0 to 3 cm due to the production process.

  • Less offcuts
  • Quicker laying
  • Accessories package suitable for construction sites
  • At least ten pieces of deck per individual length/color/model
  • Commission reference

On request we will put together the required amount of decks together with the complete accessories.

Complete Set

Use our WPC complete set! We offer different ways of laying and care for your application. Various sub-constructions, mounting and decorative façade corners and borders offer you a great deal of creative freedom.

Care and Cleaning

It’s important for us that you don’t have to invest much time or work concerning our products. That’s why they are particularly easy to care for and weatherproof. In contrast to conventional wooden decks, our decks do not have to be oiled or painted and still do not splinter or crack. Cleaning is very simple using only water. This gives you plenty of time to relax on your favourite spot.